Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Bye, bye Gall Bladder!

Happy Days!  My gall bladder is gone and I am feeling so much lighter.  After a year of pain, confusion and fatigue, I'm suddenly made new!  I'm typical for our family, not self aware and a high pain tolerance.  We just keep on keepin' on and end up in the ER on account of an acute attack of something.  Sigh.  I'm healing from the surgery and am grateful for  the life I can have ahead of me.  A life of balance, single tasking, awareness and doing the next right thing.
I heard something funny on the radio the other day.  A mother had called in to some political show talking about all of the taxes taken from her and given to others.  In her case, she wished she had the $ to do with as she pleased, to give it to her choice of charity.  Her daughter turned up pregnant in the girl's Soph. year of college and this mother said that she went and got three jobs to deal with it.  But, I thought she said three "dogs"!  In my mind I thought, perfect.  Having three dogs would keep my $ and attention tied up and my pregnant adult child would be responsible for herself and the baby if she decided against adoption.  Well, that's not what that mother meant at all.  She meant she had to have those jobs to help her daughter and grandchild.

I smiled as I thought of my own circumstance.  We have a young alcoholic in our family who has left quite a lot of destruction in his path w/ his addiction.  Before Al Anon, I was killing myself trying to make things right.  Eventually I realized I had loads of love and nurturing to give and it was like poison to my alcoholic son.  What was best for my son was for him to be responsible for his own life and consequences.  So, to do what I love most, I started fostering dogs.  I give the sympathy and care to a truly needy creature that is helped w/ my attention.  Thank God for growth.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Our Latest Foster Dog, Halle

Halle was our latest foster pup.  She's a 6 month old Rotti and we were her temporary foster home.  Somehow, we had her several months, but we didn't complain.
She was completely unsocialized when we got her. She was quite a bully about finding her place in the pack.  But, I guess that's typical of Rottweilers.  She was also frightened of people.  After a few weeks, she was perfectly socialized and we grew to love her.  These photos are from the day we took her to the Omaha Dog Park.
Lot's of greeting going on!  Halle was especially interested in this puppy, probably because she's a puppy too.

And more greeting!

When we were fixin' to leave, we had to retrieve Halle from this group, every Rottweiler at the park was there...and a Doberman.  Interesting to me, how like breeds do associate with each other at the dog park.
Last but not least, Halle w/ two of her new masters, she was adopted last week.  We miss her but, they are the perfect home for her and were so excited!
And, tomorrow I get my lousy gall bladder out.  I look forward to feeling like a healthy human being again!