Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Cindy and Joanie's Great Junk Adventure Part one

Almost 2 weeks ago my friend Joanie and I went on the '09 Nebraska Junk Jaunt. That 300mile garage sale in the center of our state. We started at the southern point and went north.
One of the first farms we stopped at was in the process of remodeling to become an entertainment venue/steakhouse too I think. Photo op. for us.

In their barn was this WONDERFUL sink. Thank goodness St. Jim wasn't there....I probably would've bought it but, didn't have the nerve being without my man. He's so analytical...if it's possible to use...he'd let me know right away.
Click on the picture and I think it'll get bigger so that you can read. Several of the pictures are worth doing that with!

In this part of our state you could drive 10 miles between towns. In between were rolling hills, meadows, fields and waterways. Many spots had markers where there once was a town or church or something. So, we saw this marker (I stop at ALL hysterical markers), and then found the graveyard associated with it.

Eye candy for me, really...love this old stuff. This is part of that former church's graveyard.

This was a really large monument. Look at the countryside and cornfield next to it.

We went on to Burwell where a friend of ours has a cabin for weekend use. Debbie took us to Calamus Reservoir...we ate pizza on the beach.... wildflowers and prarie grass on the sand.

Joanie with the blanket that we sat on for dinner. We each had a beer! Wild women, I know. ONE beer, hahaha!

Isn't Debbie pretty? She's that pretty on the inside! She and her neighbor were up there for the Junk Jaunt too! We had 3 other friends out there among the thousands but, never connected!

Here we are at Calumus after our pizza! The sunset was so pretty. And we were so tired after a day of junking.

Earlier in the day we saw some interesting places in small towns....if you look closely, you'll see brightly spray painted christmas deer by this house. They're trying to keep up with the Joneses display in the next picture.

Something that we don't have in eastern Nebraska (where most people in our state live), mobile homes amongst houses in town. Around here, mobile homes can only be in a Trailer Park.

The vistas are breathtaking. Nebraska is a beautiful state if you can get off of I80!

Sumac was changing there 2 weeks ago already...it's just starting to change here, by Omaha.

This was typical of a lot of the farms or ranches that we stopped by. Stuff for sale leaning against barns and sheds.

It was so much fun seeing the stuff...thank goodness I already have so much, I was only on the lookout for real treasures.

I liked these chairs. But, only bought the leftmost brown one, which was the roughest. For the $5 pricetag...I can sand the heck out of it and spraypaint. As you see, most of the sales are at farms or extremely rural places. We bought a box of vintage Christmas and since it had several breakables, I was working on the tailgate picking out those to wrap. Joanie came up to me and at the same time we saw a mouse IN the box and SCREAMED! Not even thinking of the 30 or 40 people by the barn selling and buying! Lots of laughter on their part. Just some of the free entertainment on the Junk Jaunt. Then the poor little mouse hide in front of our front tire. It was not easy getting him away and towards the ditch.

Believe it or not, I'd packed work gloves just in case we had something really heavy or rough to pack. Couldn't find them so, it took some time but, we got him away from the truck!

I'll post a couple more times about our adventure. I was exhausted when I got home several days later....but SO glad we did it!