Sunday, July 25, 2010

Two new Foster Pups...

The photo was taken w/in the first hour they were here.  I put them in the kennel to control their area and give them nothing else to do but sleep.  More on these two Rescues later!

Monday, July 5, 2010

New Foster Pup Dennis

We are still mourning Chuck going to his forever home.  But, he has the best new mother Rebecca.  She's my fb friend and I see and hear updates about their family life.
We now have 7 week old Dennis.  He's a purebread Chocolate Lab.
This kennel is in our bedroom, the first night that Dennis was here, Chuck was a rock and pillow for him.

That little dog was exhausted for days after he got here.  He was a stray from South Dakota...dumped by a bad person (who's identity is known).  Covered in fleas, worms, staph infection...and many bites...oh yeah, very little and only 5.5 wks. old when found.  Their pet rescue was full but, she called her friend in Nebraska who runs "No Pets Left Behind" in Omaha.  Keri (Nebraska) said, "All of our foster homes are full but, there's this one foster mother 'Cindy', she'd be the one who might take him".  Boy, does everyone have my number or what?
So, I am focusing on the canine rescues and praying for my human children.  Sometimes, that's all some of us can do.  Now don't sons are 18 and 22.  I stay out of the way, love them regardless and pray.  Some of you know what I mean more than others.  Don't worry, I don't have an attachment disorder to my human and most important children.  Have a great week!