Monday, May 10, 2010


For whatever reason, I'm less happy now in this glorious spring than I was during the worst winter in Nebraska history.  

I've found that I'm alone most of the time...empty nest right now and St. Jim is on the road 5 days a week.  I am such a good citizen and an extremely responsible person that I knew if I volunteered for something, I'd follow through on it....and do it well!  So, I volunteered to foster puppies for a pet rescue. I suppose that sounds extreme but, had to do something extreme to change my feelings.   
In the first place, I knew that it would get me outside and keep me outside.  I have a few hundred square feet of garden's in the back yard, and I've gotten so much exercise and sunshine this past week weeding and tending.  The puppies play around me when I'm out's great.

Zoe, our 3 yr. old lab is famous for her funny personality and great dog manners.  The good citizen part of me thought that she would be such an excellent mentor for puppies and rescue dogs.  
Also, we have neighborhood children around here every day now!  We've always been "that" house (the one where children are drawn to)but, now I have the joy of children in my space as they bubble with delight while playing with the puppies every day after school.
My parent's older lab, Brie, was here to meet Chuck (above) and Carli.  Brie had knee surgery 4 weeks ago, hence the shaved leg.

I could watch them for hours but, they ARE only 7 weeks old so, do sleep a lot.

Enjoy looking at the rest of the puppy pictures, it sure has lifted my spirits having them here!  Oh!  And to all you mothers, hope you had a nice day yesterday.