Monday, July 11, 2011

Dumped Puppies Betsy and Tacy

We live by Omaha, if you haven't heard, it's flooding.  Large sections of I80 are closed as the Interstate is underwater!  Unbelievable!  We can only cross the Missouri River at downtown Omaha and at Sioux City Iowa (which is 2.5 hrs. north of here).  Anyhoo, there has been some opportunistic dumping of puppies and kittens by Hwy75 which  is now a very slow/bumper to bumper road.  At least these little creatures are getting picked up and saved.  
We normally foster larger dogs so, it was a treat to have these two.  Betsy (black) and Tacy (black and white) are a Chijuajua/Rat Terrier mix.  I adored these two.  
 They were 8 wks. old when we got them and TERRIFIED of people.  But, when we'd bring the big dogs to them, they went nuts....loved the big dogs.  After two weeks they are adopted or almost adopted.  In the time we had them, they grew to love people and wanted to be on our laps all of the time...well, IF they weren't exploring the back yard.  Not to worry, there are no hawks around right now.
Jim said, "we should've named Tacy "Bessy" instead.  She looks like a little Holstein cow".  I sure do miss them.  So, our newest foster is an 8 month old Doberman puppy.  And he is huge...but a big clumsy puppy.  We're actually watching him while that foster family is on vacation in Colorado.  They took their family dog and the other dog which is also a foster.  But, this guy is way to young and needy.  I really had no idea that Dobermans were this huge.  Well, time to go and love him up!