Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Burns Night. I love me some Haggis!

January 25 is Burns Night in Scotland.  My best friend is from Scotland, only here for 3 yrs. now.  This delicious plate is compliments from Helen.    Robert Burns is the man we acknowledge on this day.  I love my friend and her traditions.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Best Christmas Ever...and 3 New Foster Puppies.

We spent Christmas Eve. at my mom's down the street from us. My nephew Brandon brought his girlfriend's family.  This photo is of her sister and family.  Don't you love my Nathan over to the right there?  He still has his "No Shave November" beard.  I told him it's December.  He said that it keeps his face warm.  Makes sense as he's a Jimmy John's bicycle delivery NEBRASKA!
 Christmas Morning was MARVELOUS w/ our little grands here.  Dorothy is 2 (left) and Della is 4.  The fellow talking to Della is my 19 yr. old son Zach.  How do you like our tv/fireplace?  I told Greg (23 yr. old step son) that we have a real fireplace (same room), he snapped back, "this is better".  Hilarious, I love that kid so much.
 SOMEBODY got in to Nana Cindy's lotion by the bed and made her hair all pretty with it.
 The Doctor Kit that Santa (us) gave the girls was a big hit.  Here they are w/ their Mom and Dad.
 My mom and dad came over for brunch and then board games.  The sun was blinding my mom (we have no window coverings facing the meadow to the west) so, she got her sunglasses.  This game was a lot of fun, Fact or Crap. My husband Jim is to the far right.  He wins nearly every game we play (MENSA) but I won this game by a landslide.
 New foster puppies.  They just turned 6 weeks old.  Tinker, Evans and Chance.  Below is Chance.
 Chance is on his back here, Tinker and Evans are playing.
There is nothing like having puppies.  These guys are THE most people oriented ones that we've ever had.  They look in your eyes and love to be held.  Gonna be big though.  Hope you're all having a good weekend.  As for me, I'm seeking serenity.