Sunday, April 29, 2012

Spring, Estate Sale and Lily

Here is our first poppy. 
We have June flowers here in Nebraska.  Everything is well over a month ahead of schedule.  I doubt that I'll see this again in my life time, who knows?  Meanwhile, I'm really grateful for all of the early flowers and lush conditions.  It's God's way of saying, there is still beauty in spite of the toll that real life is taking on me right now.
One of my blessings right now is my 24 yr. old son Nathan.  He went to an Estate Sale with me yesterday in this fabulous 70's house.  He's 6'4" and is standing by a $3,500 Grandfather Clock in the house.  Isn't it (and Nathan) magnificent?  Check out the wallpaper!
No, I didn't buy this but, thought it was neat.

I love these people, who ever they were, The estate sale folks spoke of them in past tense.  She was a  GOP delegate for the 1960 election so, there was lots of Nixon stuff in another room, JFK things too.  But, look at her sweet bedroom.  Don't you think that it was just GRAND when she had it decorated years ago?
I didn't buy this either but, it has his name on it.  The man was a medical doctor.  I imagined him taking this with coffee in it to the hospital each day.   People were so self sufficient 40 years ago and there wasn't a designer coffee shop in the hospital lobby.

For $3.50 I bought these vintage cooking booklets. The one that I really wanted was the 500 Thrifty Sandwiches.  It's didn't let me down w/ such recipes as:  Ham and Peanut Butter, Ham and Raisin, Liver Sandwiches, Lamb, Liver and Raisin, Liver and Bacon, Egg and Liver, Egg and Caviar, Baked Bean Sandwiches, Tongue Sandwich, Creamed Egg and Asparagus, Hot Sardine Sandwiches.  I'm going to stop, I'm getting nauseated.  

For $1 I got a lot of  mini staples and these staplers and such.  I LOVE the 70's stapler.  It's colors are perfect and the abstract fish is neat.

Last but not least, the obligatory photo of one of our dogs.  This is Lily sleeping with her tongue showing.  She's a Dogue de Bordeaux mix.  Love her!