Saturday, November 20, 2010

Sometimes It's Good to Escape

Although my life is full of fuzzy puppies and darling little kittens,
I still find a need to go to a happier place.
As an owner of a 4 yr. old Lab, our life is pretty good.  Dogs make everything better.  The little puppy is a 4 week old, our newest foster.  He was found at a county landfill last week.  His three littermates were there too, although dead.  We'll foster him several more weeks to help him grow up and learn some more good dog manners from our Lab.  I was able to gladly take him from the rescue group as we'd just gotten home from another cruise.
We went on the Carnival Dream to the Western Caribbean.  

It was a "Halloween" cruise so, got ready w/ a proper pedicure!
We took my husband's 85 yr. old mother with us!  She did great.  This picture is when we're leaving the group on Halloween night.  I was taking her back to her cabin so she could turn in and I was heading to bed myself.  I was SO tired every night that I went to bed when she did!
We rented a cab at Cozumel and went to Paradise Beach.  I wish we could cruise twice a year.  Once a year doesn't seem enough to me.

This bird bit and I was freaked out!  One of the employees put him on my arm.  He was beautiful, entertaining to watch.

When we came back to the port at Cozumel we sat at the most crowded raucous bar.  It was full of cruise ship passengers who were drinking and dancing.  We stopped in for a beer sat at an outdoor table.  The view of our ship was so pretty.  Hopefully, I can post sooner next time but, day to day life seems a struggle.  As usual, I am looking for balance and serenity in my good ol' Nebraska life.  I hope that you have some measure of those two things!