Sunday, August 23, 2009

Painter's Drop Cloth Is the Only Fabric That I Need

Hello Honey Bunnies! I've been real blue but, a fellow blogger (G-Man) kicked me in the pants and I'm puttin' somethin' out. So, here it is!
I believe that it was Olive Rue that sparked my interest in Painter's Drop Cloth. I have a huge drop cloth pictured above. You can see my husband's lower part in the background AND parts to our whole house vac. and the dog in the dining room. Ah...who cares. I just can't keep it all together let alone tidy up for pictures.
Three and a half years ago this looked ok...trendy...but, don't like that in my dining room any more. This is one of six chairs of my Grandparent's (Bevelheimer) dining set from the 20's. The wood was rough...refinished it and then recovered....see below.

It's really pretty in the dining room now. Oh, and don't mock the marble floor, I love it and I'm stuck in the 70's so, I'm happy in this environment. (Can you tell that I'm blue? All cocky and stuff)

I'm really hasty, impatient and sloppy. I just stretch and staple and cut.

If you look real close at the screw holes, I've put toothpicks in (blue party toothpicks) to line up the holes for the screw.
This is almost embarassing. These two chairs are from our master...the first one I found in a dumpster and spraypainted and covered the seat. The second is a folding chair that was $4, it had a yellow pleather seat and was beat up wood. Sick of the seat cover already. The recover is somewhere below in this post.

These two folding chairs were a $1 each at a garage sale. If you look close you can see the '60's sort of vinyl on the one on the left. The one on the right is after I recovered it with the drop cloth. Oh, and the ever present whole house vac. attachments. We DO have a lab so, that's just how it is around here.
When I took the screws out to recover the $1 1960's folding like, exploded! There was some sort of tension! My 17 yr. old helped me put it back together after I covered the seat and back. Whew!

So, TAH DAH! There they are! I'm feeling some control with more matching things around this joint! Now for some Serenity and Hope inside this joint! God...Grant Me the Serenity...

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

ALL Better Now on the--What? Why?

Where has everyone gone? Everyone that I appears that I'm all of a sudden not following them. And any one who followed my little blog....they've disappeared. Why Blogger? Please tell me that you guys are just glitchy tonight!

Every thing is hunky dory now on my little blog!!!! My beloved followers are back but, most importantly....the ones that I follow are here. My life is looking up!
On a not so happy note...a first cousin has died suddenly and strangely. I sing at the funeral tomorrow. Sad on so many levels. More on this later. Love you guys!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

A Fruit to Die For, Pluot

Pluots are a cross between and plums and apricots. The pluot is a new fruit that was developed by Floyd Zaiger in the 1990s. There are several varieties of pluots with colors that range from pink to red. The pluot is sweeter than both of its parents, the plum and the apricot.

I saw these at Costco today. They were $8.49....they were SO very good! Like the sweetest plum ever but, tastier!

It's interesting that it's a plum/apricot hybrid. When I was a child growing up in the Nebraska countryside, we had two orchards. and a plum hedge. The apple orchard was large and untended but still yielded hundreds of good apples. The apricot orchard was very large too. My siblings and I remember sitting in the apricot trees feasting on them. Lots of folks aren't the apricot fans we are. I can say I really know what an apricot tastes like. And the pluot doesn't have an obvious apricot flavor. But, it's a delicious interesting flavor and the apricot must have something to do with that.

I'm holding one in my hand here, they're good sized and have smooth skin like a nectarine.

There is a pit in the center and they are juicy with pretty red flesh.

My 17 yr. old son Zach loved it. I ate two but quit before the 3rd as I thought I'd regret it later. The pluot is my new favorite fruit!