Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Our last two fosters were Shih Tzus.  Hamish was 4 monthsold and found his permanent  home right away. Angus was 3 months and found a home after 2 weeks.  He was hilarious.  I never though much of the breed but, am now a fan!  They are not like any breed I've met.  I felt like I had circus dogs...big circus dogs in little bodies. 
The really interesting story behind them is that they were bought undercover from a hush hush Puppy Mill auction.  The rescue caught wind of a Puppy Mill in Saunders County, Nebraska that was liquidating.  So, they attended the auction undercover as breeders.  I happened to call Cari (the gal who runs the Rescue that I foster for) while she was at the auction.  She spoke in hushed tones and said, "Cindy, you just wouldn't believe it...it's so sad.  But, every Rescue group that I know of is here".  They bought the little males that no one wanted...paid $50 or $60 for each of them  Many small breeds were represented.  I think it's great that they did this.  The adoption fee just has the $ paid at the auction tacked on.  The breeding females (proven producers) sold for $700-$800.  So sad.
She said there was security there and signs everywhere:  "No Pictures".  Some PETA guy was taking pictures w/ his cell phone.  He wasn't so sneaky as they saw him and took his phone.  He started to argue and they tazed him 3 times!  The Saunders County Sheriff came (was called by the creepy auction people) and got his phone back and said they had no right to taze him.  SO very weird.  
So, when I got Hamish and Angus, they'd never been handled by humans before.  What a fairytale it was around here for those several weeks.  They went from frightened little creatures who cowered all of the time to boisterous boys!  Thank God for all of his Creation.  But, Boooooo to the Puppy Mills.  People!  Please rescue your pets or buy from a private home breeder....ask to see their facility before you get a special breed if that's what you want.  Please spay and neuter.  Sermon over.