Sunday, May 6, 2012

Beer, Brats and Begonias

Jim and I went to the Beer, Brats and Begonia event put on by the Garden Gallery.  It's a quaint little business here in Elkhorn, Nebraska. The Garden Gallery is in and around her 100+ year old home.  She has lots of plants, hand made things, antiques and art work.
The Adirondack Chairs were very nice, over $200.  The folks seated in the center said they were very comfortable.  I asked if they were hard to get up from.  She said she hadn't tried yet.  Then the guy said, "no reason to get up", as he took a swig of his beer.  On the left of the picture are some very heavy duty bright green tomato cages, $23 each. 
                                             I've seen how to make these, love.
 These things were in the garage, the junky stuff that I just love too.
Here are the Begonias!

                                                                  Brats, they sure smelled good.  I asked Jim if he wanted one and he passed.  When we got home I was telling the neighbor girl she should go down there as they had free brats and bottled water.  Jim said, "it was free?".  Typical response from my humble and self sufficient husband.  He wouldn't presume something is free.
 This is the little room at the back of the garage w/ a side door entrance.  If you look, you can see that there's another little room at the back of this the right.  Guess what's in there.  Come on, guess.
 You're right, an outhouse!  More junk to buy and an outhouse!  Gosh, I love old towns, especially this one that I'm from.
This is their back fence by the alley.  To the left are Greenhouses.  She also had a hippy singing folk songs for the afternoon.

I really enjoyed my time there, she's a creative person to develop this sort of a place for business, don't you think?