Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Still Kickin' It In Nebraska

Yes, I've been a little isolated or lazy or something.  I'm still here, reading your wonderful blogs.  That's the very best thing about blogger, YOU guys!
We had this really awesome foster pup named Otis.  We got him when he was 4 weeks old.  He was found in a landfill of an adjacent county.  He was the only living one of some dumped puppies...literally dumped.  We had him for 11 weeks and it was very difficult to let him go.

He's the first foster pup that Zoe let bond w/ her right away.  It was sort of a God thing in my opinion.
Oh yeah, my dashboard Jesus is really happy the Packers won the Superbowl and will probably sport his Cheesehead for the rest of the year...or two.
When you foster dogs, there is never a shortage.  The dog on the left is my folks elderly lab.  Lying next to her is Lily.  She's a 2 yr. old lab mix.  She was adopted out a year ago and last week the family turned her back in.  I'm not exactly sure why but, YOU GUYS!...she is the nicest foster we've had to date!  I love her!
Such is life in our neck of the woods.  Oh, and I have a neat project that I've started...
I'm painting this old dresser of mine.  True to form, couldn't decide a color.  But, have settled for the white.  I'm leaving the dresser top as it is and painting the rest white.  Good Times!