Saturday, September 12, 2009

The REAL Blue Collar Labor Day

Oh Ha-ay! We went floating on the Elkhorn River on Labor Day! So Blue Collar for a "classy" bunch of folks. Below is your charming hostess Cindy. I have the best tube (we're buying more of these this winter) and towing the floating cooler. In the cooler was bottled water, Dr. Pepper, Ziplocs holding cell phones and car keys.
If you've never done this...just try it once. It is SO relaxing.....mindless.
Then there's my saint of a husband Jim....MENSA.Uh huh...he's fully dressed AND wearing shoes. Hahahaha!
There's a RR Bridge a mile down from where we put in. That is my eldest son Nate clear up on side of the bridge. Nate says it's 30 ft. I thinks it's closer to 80 ft. Nate is 6'4"....National Honor Society type....and DARING.
Yeppers, that splash is him hitting the water in the next picture. I was praying to the GOD OF MY UNDERSTANDING right before that.

The next picture is the husband of my dear friend Arlene...he's also a Jim. Lexus salesman...but, not just any salesman....TOP salesman in the 8 states. The owner of their dealership died several months ago and that man was like a father to Jim. He's been grieving hard. I heard him say at least 20 times..."I could've been doing this all's FREE." ....told's SO relaxing!

I'm going to frame this next picture and hang it as it's in my top 5. And...give a copy to Arlene and Jim. One of the best parts of this picture is Malcolm with his joyous smile behind Jim. His mom (my sister) didn't go with them us this time (she was the day before though)...she thinks he REALLY enjoyed himself the second day. Actually, he enjoyed himself both days....and a lot. Malcolm too, is gifted. (remember the theme here...Blue Collar and "classy" people)
There's Nate and TJ...Jim's (Lexus) 16 yr. old son. TJ found an architectural piece on the river bank...that's a whole other death defying story. TJ is in all AP classes and is an accomplished dancer and HUGE Husker fan. If you look close, they had a blue football floating that was thrown back and forth for an hour and a half. And folks....remember, it's a big river with billions of gallons of water....because the next picture might freak you out.
Uh huh. DEAD animal. Beaver maybe? I was screaming! One of our tubes was loose and floated near it and stayed there. River currents are funny.

No matter.....we're going back again and again. Maybe not this year as it's becoming cooler. Have a great day!


  1. Ew...wasn't expecting that one. When we were first married my husband took me on a canoe trip with several couples. I swim well, grew up on a lake, could water ski with the best of them...but the word "river" scared me to death. I went down to the canoe with not only a big ugly orange life jacket, but my ski belt as well. It was so shallow at the shore we couldn't get off the ground. Most places, while deep, I could swim across. I guess I'd pictured the Mississippi. This brought back some good (and silly) memories.

  2. Well it looks like you had a relaxing time. Those are the best along with a good cocktail.

  3. A fine way to spend an afernoon. Hope you had fun.

  4. This was so much fun reading...not expecting the dead thing...yuck. But the "GO BIG RED" video made up for it. How precious!

  5. That looks like so much fun! Great post! Have a sweet Sunday!

  6. Yep. Cindy, I KNOW the feeling...relaxing, peace, serenity, all drudgery left behind.

    I enjoyed tubing with y'all today!


  7. In Az, I used to go tubing down the Salt River with friends in high school and beyond. Seeing your pictures brought back many great memories. Except for loosing keys once, getting 2nd degree sunburned once, and the worst one was when my husband lost his wedding ring in the river. I cried.

    Overall, tubing is an amazingly relaxing and fun time outdoors.

    Love it. Wish I had taken pictures!

  8. I know I'd love this too - - - looks so relaxing, all except the maybe dead beaver.

    Are the Huskers gonna beat the Hoakies this weekend??? I hope - - - I've predicted your Huskers to win.

  9. Oh you would fit right in at our cabin. Down the cooold river... only a few rapids.
    How relaxing. Until the rapids...The wine makes up for it. Until the rapids....

    Thanks for stopping by.

  10. Looks like fun. I've only done this once. But it is relaxing until you hit some white water or rocks. I love that you towed a cooler behind you. Real classy for sure! lol.

  11. Looks like so much fun! We did that once, years ago. Fun and relaxing. Thanks for visiting my blog and for your comment.

  12. Hi Cindy...

    Oh my...that looks like soooo much fun. I LOVE it.....And, that's something I've never done. I'd have been terrified if it were my kid jumping 459,000 feet!


  13. Thanks for your comment on my 55.

    I love these pictures. Looks like fabulous fun.


  14. I went tubing recently, and I capsized among all these tree and vines in the water (don't ask). When I stood up in the waist high water I was covered with some kind of weeds. I looked like the creature from the lagoon, and my friends got a huge laugh (and pictures) out of it. At least you stayed afloat!

  15. Seeing your pictures brought back many great memories.

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