Monday, July 5, 2010

New Foster Pup Dennis

We are still mourning Chuck going to his forever home.  But, he has the best new mother Rebecca.  She's my fb friend and I see and hear updates about their family life.
We now have 7 week old Dennis.  He's a purebread Chocolate Lab.
This kennel is in our bedroom, the first night that Dennis was here, Chuck was a rock and pillow for him.

That little dog was exhausted for days after he got here.  He was a stray from South Dakota...dumped by a bad person (who's identity is known).  Covered in fleas, worms, staph infection...and many bites...oh yeah, very little and only 5.5 wks. old when found.  Their pet rescue was full but, she called her friend in Nebraska who runs "No Pets Left Behind" in Omaha.  Keri (Nebraska) said, "All of our foster homes are full but, there's this one foster mother 'Cindy', she'd be the one who might take him".  Boy, does everyone have my number or what?
So, I am focusing on the canine rescues and praying for my human children.  Sometimes, that's all some of us can do.  Now don't sons are 18 and 22.  I stay out of the way, love them regardless and pray.  Some of you know what I mean more than others.  Don't worry, I don't have an attachment disorder to my human and most important children.  Have a great week!


  1. Cindy, I think it's so awesome that you're fostering! That pic of you holding Chuck in the previous post is just hilarious and so touching, too. You have a lot of love in you, woman. I fostered a wonderful dog last August for a month. Would've loved to keep her, but I have such allergies that it just didn't work out. I think of her a lot still and wish I had her with me. I so would love a dog like her! Dennis is a beautiful dog! So lucky to be with you. I hear what you say about staying out of the way when it comes to our kids. My daughter doesn't make the same decisions that I'd make, but it's her life. She's safe, she's happy, I'm grateful.

  2. Your new foster son is ADORABLE.

    I know EXACTLY what you mean about praying for your real children - - - Praise God ONE of mine is walking and growing with Him, but the other three need lots of prayer - - - so that's what we do. And, like you, I've taken my hands (and admonisments) off.

    Hard but necessary.

  3. Oh - - - and be sure you read my Sunday Rerun this week - - - it is EXACTLY about this subject of praying for our children!!!

  4. Love the pics of Dennis!!! We are setting up a time to come see him.... we would love to adopt him! He looks very healthy now, and adorable!! Hope to see him soon.....

  5. Hi Cindy!
    Oh these photos are soooo cute! I can just imagine how hard it is to let these sweet pups go. What a wonderful thing you are doing~~bravo!!
    Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving such a sweet compliment. You are right about the Lemon Bars...they are TOO good!


    ~Let FREEDOM Ring!~

  6. Hi Cindy -
    I think it is so wonderful that you are giving a second life to our four legged friends. I would be afraid that I couldn't let them go and I would be the lady with 100 dogs and 100 cats. I love the photo of him sleeping on his looks as if he is saying....Ahhhhhh, I'm home.
    ♥ Toni

  7. How cute is he!! Love labs and dearly want a dog for my boys. But our fences are not safe enough yet :(
    Good for you for all your hard work!

  8. Hi Cindy, I haven't been to your blog in ages...but tonight I decided to drop by. I read your recent posts about Chuck and Dennis...oh they are so cute and lovable.

    Loved the pics, the ones of you holding Chuck in your arms look really sweet. I guess if you are going to foster pups, you will always have those feelings of sadness and missing them when they get to their forever homes! You're handling it very well, I doubt that I could do that if I were in your place.

    I love dogs too!

    See you again one of these days.


  9. Oh, Cindy -- I know exactly what you go thru when you send a beloved foster dog off to his forever home. We have fostered more than 4 dozen dogs -- most of them some years ago, when our girls were in late elementary and middle school -- and sometimes these were dogs with real issues and we'd have them for 5 or 6 months, rehabilitating them.

    It was so hard to say goodbye, and very hard on our girls -- but we hoped that they would take away the belief that helping these small and helpless among God's creatures, and being able to let them go to people who would love them and care for them -- that it was worth the work and the heartbreak.

    Of course, we used to joke that someday our girls will go to psychiatrists, and when they are on the analysts' couch will say, "...and then our parents kept giving our pets away ..."

    We adopted our first foster dog, Lily, as despite 7 months of rehab she was still pretty screwy, but we loved her dearly. After that, we learned to love, help, housetrain, restore and rehabilitate . . . and let go.

    Now we keep a place in our home for a future adoption, for a dog who is too old or otherwise "unwanted." Three years ago it was 12 year old Connie we adopted; she left us last year, but we had almost 2 wonderful years with her. I am sure that sooner or later, our rescue group will give me a call about another oldie whom no one wants ....
    except us.
    Keep up the good work! It is worth the tears.

  10. What sweet puppies and great photos! God Bless you for fostering dogs like you do.

  11. I just gave my little poodles an extra kiss. That's a great thing you do. I am afraid my babies are puppy mill puppies but at the time I got them I knew nothing about the puppy mills, although I did wonder why the lady wouldn't let me come to her home to see them. They also have some physical problems probably due to all the over breeding!

    I'm visiting from Keetha's and it's nice to meet you :)


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