Monday, June 22, 2009

My Retro Table Setting if My Grandparents Were Here

On days like Father's Day, I can't help but think of my Grandparents, especially the ones that lived in the town where I grew up. My grandmother wanted me to have her china. It's the Franciscan Coronado pattern in matte aqua. I have a huge collection, 27 place setting. I've put a 6 place setting away for each of my sons. Since I love to antique and junk, I've picked up many pieces of the other colors: white, yellow, rose...mostly matte, but I do have a few gloss.
So, since we only had 15 people coming for supper, I had time to goof. HA!

I set the old farm table in our kitchen as if they were coming for lunch. If only they were.

While I was setting the table, I was thinking of the type of things that my grandmother served. She always had bread and butter on the table. Grandpa, being the German that he was, was always served some stinky cheese. She served milk for the drink, and they always sat down at a set table to eat, even when he was gone and it was just her. Meatloaf was big, a vegetable and potato. She always had vegetable gardens, so this time of year, she'd have the neverending bowl of cukes & onions in vinegar. Sigh, I miss them so.
I remember stopping by one afternoon when she was 90 or so, she was working in her lawn. She had a shower cap on and was wearing one of my grandpa's long sleeved shirts ..and a pair of work gloves. It was kind of a warm day but, she was smart. I'm the gardener that she was but, end up covered in scratches and itchies after yard work. She sometimes cut flowers and brought them in but, mostly enjoyed them outdoors...she had about an acre, with many gardens, me too.

Above is the type of glassware that my former inlaws had in the 50's. It's called frosted grape and is real common. But, I like it for it's nostalgia. The "runner" on the table was an estate sale find. It has 'Barney Cafe' embroidered on it. But, it's sewed in a loop so, I believe it was hung on a dowel for use.

Last but not least, I bought these retro decorations from Olive Rue. If you saw the rest of my 60's kitchen, you'd get why I have them. My sister liked them. We all had a big laugh about the parents on "Everybody Loves Raymond" and their kitchen with these.
I hope everyone had a good Father's Day. We had 6 fathers here. My Dad, my two brothers, brother in law, husband, and my first husband. It was a terrific day that ended with a campfire thanks to my 21 yr. old son. Good Times!


  1. I absolutely ADORE your place-settings and I am completely JEALOUS. They are lovely and the way you put the entire table together is lovely. It is nice that you have such beautiful memories with them as well.

  2. I love it!!! The table looks so nice too. Great colors.

  3. That is so pretty. The color of the dishes is incredible.

  4. Oh I LOVE your table and all of your pretty dishes, tablerunner...just beautiful!!What a gorgeous color of aqua~~
    So happy that you had such a wonderful day with all of your family~~

  5. Oh my word, those dishes are gorgeous! Absolutely beautiful! What a sweet reminder of your Grandparents as well.

    I bought a fork like yours and spray painted it black. :) I have been meaning to hang it over my door in my eating area.

    Thanks for the sweet comments on my ironstone!

  6. Love those dishes! Gotta love Olive Rue, she has such fab things!

  7. Me again...I just LOVE the buffet you bought for $5! How in the world did you find something like that for $5???????? I love the paint, esp the aqua interior! It's beautiful!

  8. Nice. To have six fathers at a setting. Wow. It sounds like good times.

  9. Great tablescape. I love the retro dishes. And when I saw your big spoon & fork on the wall, I immediately thought of Everybody Loves Raymond. I loved that show. Thanks for visiting my blog & leaving me a comment.

  10. Hi, Cindy!! Just wanted to pop over and say hi and thanks for your nice comment on my blog (my summer foyer make-over).

    Wow, your grandparents sound like wonderful people with great taste:) That china is unbelievable! And its so cool that you have it now and are adding to it as you go. (My grandpa was German too.)

    Looove how the painted buffet came out. I'm so glad you did that turquoise on the inside, great unexpected pop of color!!

  11. I adore those dishes! I've never seen any like them before.
    I especially like the shape of the teacup. Lovely!
    I giggled when I saw your big fork and spoon. Made me think of Raymond's parents too.

  12. Such a lovely table setting and such a delightful blog post! I adore stories of families and the richness they add to our lives. You're so blessed to have this beautiful dinnerware from your grandmother; I love the pattern and aqua is one of my favorite colors.

    Thank you for letting us share in the memories, Cindy!

  13. Ahhhh....what great memories! And, a darling table. I actually have never seen the matte aqua dishes and I LOVE 'em! I'm going to start watching for them....they'd go so well in my kitchen.

    I laughed when I saw the fork and spoon too....thoughts of Everybody Loves Raymond..... That was a funny episode, wasn't it? What a hilarious family.

    Wow! Your ex-husband too??? Aren't you the gracious hostess! Some of us just couldn't pull that off. :-)

    So glad you came. I'm so behind in my visiting.

    Blessings and hugs,

  14. Your sweet post about your grandmother, made me remember my own beloved grandma. She too always sat at the table. The table always had a tablecloth on it. She often had flowers, even if it was Queen Annes Lace, or wild daisys. There was a bowl of spoons left out on the table along with paper napkins. Thanks for letting me remember.

    I like the color of your china.

  15. Thank God you didn't paint those white....:P

  16. Beautiful dishes> I love how you coordinated the font in your post to match them!

  17. I am absolutely salivating over those dishes. I ADORE that shade of blue - it is really so versatile!

    And we love Everybody Loves Raymond too. I almost bought a big fork and spoon once too but the price wasn't right. I'll be on the look out :)

  18. What sweet memories of your grandparents!

    Ok, I'm just gonna put it out there and be honest...I am sooooooooooo covetous of those dishes. They are AMAZING!!! And are you kidding me...27 place settings??? What an amazing collection made even better because they were your grandma's.


  19. Can I just say it?? I am sooo jealous!! Your dishes are absolutely beautiful!! And your table looks gorgeous!

  20. Can I just say it?? I am sooo jealous!! Your dishes are absolutely beautiful!! And your table looks gorgeous!

  21. Gorgeous your blue china. Why cant I ever find stuff like that! I love your blog and thanks for being a follower of mine. You have some interesting posts so I will be checking from time to time in to see what's new.

  22. Gorgeous dishes! Stumbled upon your sweet blog and flipped out over that cabinet your snagged for $5! My hubby and I are traveling to Nebraska in a few days. He grew up there and we LOVE to visit. Do you live close to Gothenburg? Any tips on the Antique Places/Dives to visit on our journey?

    LOVE how the cabinet turned out with the white...fab!

    Hugs to you and blessings from a Nebraska LOVER!


  23. Hi! Thanks for stopping by! I love, love your Grandmother's china. That aqua is wonderful!

    Regarding the buffet - I love it in white. So did you use spray paint or regular paint to paint it? It looks great! Love the color you chose for the inside.

  24. How wonderful you have saved a collection of these beautiful dishes (green is my favorite color)for you kids to enjoy! Thanks for stopping by my blog! Luanne

  25. I have so many different sets of china squirreled away in different rooms of my house that I can't remember or count them all. One set is vert fine Rosenthal china.

    Day to day my husband and I eat off of two easy-to-clean white Corelle by Corningware plates. :)

    I love the pictures of your china, etc.

    Thanks for your comment.

    Prayer Girl

  26. Hi Cindy,
    LOVE that aqua china! Gorgeous color. What a sweet post. I laughed at the
    "stinky cheese" comment --- my Grandfather loved a cheese that was so smelly that my Grandmother made him build a little box out in a backyard tree, and keep it there!

    Thanks for visiting That Old House!

  27. Sooooo jealous of your table setting - you decorated it so pretty too! Following you :) Come by my blog and maybe follow too - I think you will like it :)


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