Monday, June 29, 2009

Our Unexpected Designer

We have a 6 yr. old niece who spends large parts of her day outside swimming, playing with other children,her dog Bo, and obviously wildlife. Here she is pictured with a toad that she kept for a few days as a pet. But, when she's not outside, she's in the house creating art. Up until last year, I couldn't get her to color with me. Now she is into BIG art projects and they have size and dimension and perspective and whatever else budding artists do. She tapes paper together and makes practical murals...uses pencils, markers, pastels and whatever she can get her hands on.

I'm not much of a decorator but, when I clean house, I often undecorate the glass shelves and fireplace mantel and rearrange it. Alex was over (she loves to do things with me) and she started making suggestions on what I should do with the things after I cleaned them. I'll show you the glass shelf area today.
She wanted the picture frame put on the top shelf because it was big and then, she wanted the smaller picture frame put in front of it so that it "looks like it pops out". Yes, describing a 3-D look. (the picture frame was a gift and I haven't put anything in it yet).

She put the mirror on the bottom shelf (well, I's heavy), stacked the books, put the word GRACE in front as, "then you have the reflection and IT looks like it pops out too". Oh my gosh too cute. And what's fun is her large vocabulary.

This is kind of my favorite. I had the little planter sitting there and then she said, "get the planter down" and she put the two glass insulators in it because, "it looked too empty". And then she wanted the round black wrought iron piece to the right of it with the mirrored star in front of it so that it "popped out". I could just eat her up!

Well, there you go. Alex's Design!

In the next post or two, I'll show you what she did with the word HOPE that I had hanging in that empty black frame to the left.


  1. Nice work. Grace is a good word.

  2. How trendy and minimalistic Alex is with her design! It is looking good. She can come round to tidy my house any day!


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