Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Merry Christmas from Nebraska

Here's a shot of our 1970's lights at the end of our driveway.  I put colored bulbs in there for the holidays.  Look at all of the ice on the pine's been raining all day!  What a mess.  Less than 2 weeks ago was one of them there blizzards so, the snow is left from that.  We have a large locust tree in our front lawn, see the effect of all the ice on it's branches at the top left part of the photo?  I think this is so pretty.

This little crab tree has berries for birds, I thought since they hadn't eaten them yet that it might be a mild winter, HA!

Our living room tree, looking in from the outside.

Our front stoop...see the wetness?  Rain all day......look out for ice tonight!  27 degrees overnight and possibly 10 inches of snow tomorrow, or more.  To the left is my $1 auction cement lion.  An old barn door leaning there (from my first husband...does he know me or what!? He gave that to me last yr. and we've been apart for 15 yrs.)  Great '70's double doors.  And, real wreath's on the orange
wooden doors....

Looking in our Dining Room windows, I have a tree decorated in all vintage stuff in there.

Sure wish this could really show the gorgeousity of the snow right now.  We had that foot of snow with the blizzard several weeks ago, but it's rained all day so, looks like an icing everywhere.

Our white pine has at least 100 pretty places on it with the ice.

Merry Christmas.  Most likely, we'll be snowed in for our first Christmas in my memory.  I'm 51 so, that's sayin' somethin'.  Pray for my OTR husband's journey home tomorrow.  Pray for my son's and their demons.  Most of all, pray for me....I need it.


  1. Prayers are winging your way as I post this comment.

    What gorgeous pictures. I miss the beauty of snow and I remember living in snow and ice. I don't miss the mess.

    God bless,

  2. Merry Christmas and I hope you get to spend it with everyone you want to spend it with!

  3. We're getting a little ice here today too.

    Love your 70's lights on the snow!

    Merry Christmas out there in Nebraska!

  4. i hope your christmas went great...prayers for sure.

    love all the festive lights.

  5. Perfect and beautiful Cindy......

  6. What beautiful and peaceful Christmas scenes!

    When I plug in my outdoor Christmas lights, I always think, "Well, at least the NEIGHBORS think that 'all is calm, all is bright'," even if there's some hustling, bustling, and dysfunction going on INSIDE the house! :-) I hope you had a wonderful Christmas!

  7. I'm glad I came here after Christmas, to catch the mood again!

    Your pictures are so pretty, Cindy. Mine never look so clean and bright when I put them on the blog.

    I do hope the day was drama free..that is the only gift I wish for anymore;)

  8. Great photos. And $1.00 for a cement lion? You scored girl. And your ex still gives you gifts? You scored again.

  9. What beautiful Chrstmas pictures! Thanks for sharing! Happy New Year, friend!

  10. I came by to thank you for all your love and support and prayers. These picture are so lovely. I hope you had a drama free holiday and that the New Year will your best one ever! May God bless you and your loves ones today and always.

  11. I hope your Christmas was fantastic- mine was snowed in also!

  12. Dear cindy
    I just dropped by to wish you a blessed New year ahead of you, and am so glad I did. I saw all these lovely lovely awesome pics! You are one beautiful can tell by what you post on your blog.

    Praying for you...


  13. Just look straight ahead and do the next right thing.

    Everything will be OK.

    Thank you for visiting my blog,

    It really will be OK.


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