Thursday, April 29, 2010

My father-in-law died several months ago.  So we left Nebraska for the great state of Wisconsin.  Since my camera is also a piece of jewelry, I'll share a couple of highlights from our 4 day Funeral Trip.  Below is a picture of a Jaguar Limo we saw south of Des Moines, Iowa.  
My husband Jim is a saint, seriously.  He deserves to have the two most adorable grand daughters.  The little one below is Dorothy and Della is in a later picture.  My father in law (August Kasten) was a wonderful man. A great husband, father and friend.  He was a farmer in his younger years, then a Postmaster.  They are Wisconsin Synod Lutheran so, the funeral was really meaningful to me as it had all kinds of theological stuff in it.
Dorothy was fighting sleep so, I used my Trick and she was out in a minute. (NO, I didn't rock her to sleep with a rock).  Then my 17 yr. old son asked, "Can I hold her"?  Here is a precious picture of that.

We took pictures galore as everyone was there.  My mother in law Shirley is in the center.  The back row is John, Cindy, St. Jim.  Front row is Myra, Shirley and Judy.  These people are hilarious!  Look at John's face!  We're going on a cruise together w/ these jokers and some spouses next fall.  I can not wait.  My Jim has the kindest face, doesn't he?

We stayed at Cindy's house (yes, my husband has a sister also named Cindy.  What's stranger is that I have a brother named Jim).  Since we were there over the weekend too, we hit the local GoodWill.  Does anyone else do this?  I take pictures of really interesting strangers.  Jim saw me zooming in on this guy...I looked up and winked at him.  He turned on his heels and walked away fast!  Hahahaha!

My Mother In Law was opening a gift, the little great grandchildren gathered around.  Can you see Della's hair?  I had made a big deal about fixing her hair real "beautiful".  She let me do that and grinned and wore that all night!  I love messin' w/little kids.

Well, that's all I have for now.  I just had to put something out there as I miss you guys!  Hugs!


  1. Cindy girl!!! I NOTICED you'd been missing from blogland for a LONG time. I'm sorry it was a funeral that brought you back, but it is lovely to hear/see from you anyway.

    I LOVE seeing limos out on the road - - - I always tell folks it is L.L. Cool J and that he is stalking me. HA!!!

    So, where did you go in Wisconsin - - - you simply CANNOT leave me hanging like that when it comes to my beloved homeland.

  2. some really cool ics there...sorry about the loss...but it seems to have provided some great moments...

  3. You're back to writing in your blog--hurray! I'm sorry it had to be over a sad family time, but I look forward to your sharing your life, the good and the bad. St. Jim's family seems great--aren't you a lucky lady?

  4. Sounds like a close family. Funerals are sad but they are also a chapter in life that can bring people together after many years.
    I love the pic on the sidebar of your granddaughter holding her newborn sister...with a little help.
    Look at that smile.

  5. Sorry about your FIL. The only nice thing about funerals is that you get to visit with family & friends you may have not seen in a long long time.

    Love the hair do on Della.

    And I have never seen a Jaguar limo. Gives it more of a vintage feel.

    Thanks for leaving me a comment on my Granny's Attic post. My hubby loves gargoyles too. We have one by our pool.

  6. i am so sorry to hear of your FIL's loss. I know times like that change so much of our focus. While funerals are such sad occasions, I do love the opportunities that allow for time with extended family.

    Take care!

  7. Hello, picture-taker! The photos of other people and their families (blogger Peeps, I mean) allow me to again realize how we all are one in this world. We all are somehow connected, in our births, our lives, our deaths, when our souls pass over into the next world--the spirit world.

    Thank you for sharing a piece of your life, your family, with us.

  8. Cindy, good to see you back. Sorry to hear of your loss. I take my camera everywhere with me. And will take photos of interesting people and places. I enjoyed the photos.


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