Saturday, February 13, 2010

Caribbean Cruise Memories

The third island that we docked at was St. Kitts.  I hadn't heard of this place before and am now so glad that we got to see so much of this island country!  When we got off the ship, the first thing that we saw was the shops that were typical of these island ports.  Diamonds!  Thought it was funny that the van there said Ministry of Finance.  So happens, the tour we joined up with was organized by this young man's aunt!  It was his 21st BD and he was in our tour van.  We had a fantastic day!

The first thing we saw of real interest on our private island tour were these goats in a graveyard that we drove through! 

And more goats!  We asked the driver 'who's goats they are' and he said, "nobody's"! 

These egrets are not native to St. Kitts.  They "blew in with a hurricane once".

We were making our way to Brimstone Hill.  There is a fort up there from the 1600's that the British built.

There were a group of men sitting near here...drinking.

Check out the plate on our van!  Heeee!

This was just fascinating!  We got to go all through it!

As St. Lucia had one beer...Piton.  St. Kitts had one beer....Carib!  And it was good.  The gentleman to the right was our tour guide.  We had a blast!

After the fort we went to the beach to snorkel.  The sand was black.  The water had a much lower salinity than St. Lucia.  I don't know how that works but, St. Lucia's water was much more bouyant.....everyone was commenting on it.  I was nervous snorkeling there as there were many of those black spikey sea urchins!

This ship was docked in the bay where we were swimming.  It's a luxury cruise ship I guess...real expensive and fancy.  That's all I know about it.

Here I am in the Caribbean waters by St. Kitts.  I can FEEL what it felt like with my memory!  It's nice having a vivid memory in this frozen wasteland of Nebraska. 


  1. Looks like great fun! Thanks for coming by my blog today!!! Have a fun time on your trip!


  2. Looks like a great place to live and to visit, but not such a great place to be buried.

  3. Where do I find one of those goats to lie on my grave after I'm gone? I don't necessarily think a lot of people will be flocking to my grave in pilgrimage after I pass on. However, maybe if there was a goat to pet, attendance might pick up. Great pictures of St. Kitts!

  4. I bet that tree is a "bottle tree" and putting a bottle on a tree like that is NOT considered dumping - - - I imagine the dumping that is not allowed is placing trash on the ground around the bottle tree.

    But, you probably already knew all that and I'm just whistling Dixie.

  5. Thanks for stopping by recently. What fun you had on your cruise. My daughter went to St. Lucia for her honeymoon and loved it. Your photos are great...I enjoyed the trip through your eyes. I also was scared to snorkel(I'm not a good swimmer) but I tried it in Hawaii and I love it!


  6. Hi Cindy,

    What a fun looking trip. I hope you got lots of photos. Oh...this is Crystal from the Old Olive blog. I'm back!

  7. Oh Cindy! It looks like you have enjoyed a most marvelous trip! Touring the islands must have been amazing! Your pics are so good.


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