Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Our foster puppy Chuck has been adopted...

8 weeks ago we took on two foster puppies, Chuck and Carli.  Both the most incredible beasts.  Both loved other dogs and people.  Carli was adopted right away which was odd as it was Chuck who had the most inquiries.

She was 6 pounds at 8 weeks and he was 10.  You can't be really blue w/ puppies around.

I know that lots of dogs sleep like this now and again, Chuck slept like this all of the time!  He was always near our yellow Lab, Zoe.  

At 14 weeks, here is Chuck with the new foster puppy Dennis.  Chuck is 25 pounds here and Dennis is 6#.  Dennis arrived last Saturday and Chuck went to his Real home on Monday.  They were instant friends because...well, that's just how Chuck is.  Oh I miss him.

I had house guest on Sunday (and many relatives), so...here is Dennis with the little girls.  Meanwhile, Chuck is out of the frey.

When Chuck is tired, he sleeps.  Oh, I miss him.

Chuck is a Kennel Guy, loves his kennel.  He was more than happy to share his kennel with Dennis the night before he went to his home.

Before Chuck went to have his "nutter butter's" removed (that's what my 11 yr. old nephew called it), Jim took a few pictures of what Chuck and I always looked like together.  Seriously, 100% of the time...when I held him, this was it. 
Don't look at me...I slept terrible...look at Chuck.  He knew I loved him.  Excuse me, I need to cry.


  1. Ahh, as much as my one dog drives me crazy, they are just so hard not to fall in love with. I have to tell you, I love the name Chuck for a dog. Its fantastic. Maybe you will get some more foster puppies, who knows! He loved you, you can tell!

  2. It's a great idea to be fostering dogs/puppies. I hope you will be able to foster a lot more in the future (and show us of course, the photos are adorable!)

  3. Fosters are so much fun and puppies at that! Nice work on getting him placed!

  4. Adorable!!! That was one content happy puppy in your arms! What a lover!

    I too hope you will keep sharing puppy pix with us - thanks so much!


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