Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Bye, bye Gall Bladder!

Happy Days!  My gall bladder is gone and I am feeling so much lighter.  After a year of pain, confusion and fatigue, I'm suddenly made new!  I'm typical for our family, not self aware and a high pain tolerance.  We just keep on keepin' on and end up in the ER on account of an acute attack of something.  Sigh.  I'm healing from the surgery and am grateful for  the life I can have ahead of me.  A life of balance, single tasking, awareness and doing the next right thing.
I heard something funny on the radio the other day.  A mother had called in to some political show talking about all of the taxes taken from her and given to others.  In her case, she wished she had the $ to do with as she pleased, to give it to her choice of charity.  Her daughter turned up pregnant in the girl's Soph. year of college and this mother said that she went and got three jobs to deal with it.  But, I thought she said three "dogs"!  In my mind I thought, perfect.  Having three dogs would keep my $ and attention tied up and my pregnant adult child would be responsible for herself and the baby if she decided against adoption.  Well, that's not what that mother meant at all.  She meant she had to have those jobs to help her daughter and grandchild.

I smiled as I thought of my own circumstance.  We have a young alcoholic in our family who has left quite a lot of destruction in his path w/ his addiction.  Before Al Anon, I was killing myself trying to make things right.  Eventually I realized I had loads of love and nurturing to give and it was like poison to my alcoholic son.  What was best for my son was for him to be responsible for his own life and consequences.  So, to do what I love most, I started fostering dogs.  I give the sympathy and care to a truly needy creature that is helped w/ my attention.  Thank God for growth.


  1. I LIKE YOU! I love the idea of fostering dogs to deal with NOT being over involved with your son. As you know from visiting my blog my son is an addict so I know what that's like. My little dog that I rescued about a year ago is my HAPPINESS. She cracks me up and gives me someone to love on and spoil with affection. Glad I found your blog.

  2. I really enjoyed reading your cheerful outcome on your surgery and happy to hear all is well. What great inspiration. Your optimism is infectious. Loved the dog story and theory. Cracked me up. Sweet.

  3. So glad you had the surgery and are already feeling lighter, Cindy! Wishing you good healing and a wonderful outcome. I know what you mean about having a high pain tolerance and continuing to chug on; not always the best decision, but then we're tough chicas, aren't we? I can also relate to having an addicted family member. No matter what I did, I couldn't fix it. Finally, in prayer one day, I tearfully recounted to God all that I had tried and asked what do I do next? His response: Get out of my way. From that, I learned to always, always trust in God's Perfect Plan for my life. You are blessing so many others through your fostering, Cindy! You are fulfilling a beautiful plan in your life.

  4. YOU my dear, are a sweetheart. To care for all these homeless dogs [I've skimmed through all your posts added here]...you're amazing and so filled with love and a kind heart. As for the pg daughter of the other lady, I say the adult child should learn from her own mistakes. Help, sure, but not too much that they always depend on the parent. Afterall, they'll outlive the parent. Y'know what I mean?

    Hey!! I was BORN in Nebraska. Many, many, many MANY moons ago. LOL

    My Thursday Post:
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    Thanks for visiting with me yesterday, and hope your day is super.

  5. I'm glad to hear you're feeling better after your surgery. Take care of yourself and those puppies. As far as your son, he'll have to learn to take care of himself...I know this having a brother who is an alcoholic.


  6. Never heard it put like that.....but I agree.....my love and nurture is poison to my son too. He doesn't want it....oh, unless he needs it. So as time went by, I started giving him more to the Lord and cutting those apron strings. It's saved my sanity!

  7. I loved the way you mis-heard about the dogs. So often we do hear folks revealing ourselves back to us. At the very least, we get a smile from the mis-hearings.

    Thanks for your wisdom!


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