Thursday, April 14, 2011

Our Latest Foster Dog, Halle

Halle was our latest foster pup.  She's a 6 month old Rotti and we were her temporary foster home.  Somehow, we had her several months, but we didn't complain.
She was completely unsocialized when we got her. She was quite a bully about finding her place in the pack.  But, I guess that's typical of Rottweilers.  She was also frightened of people.  After a few weeks, she was perfectly socialized and we grew to love her.  These photos are from the day we took her to the Omaha Dog Park.
Lot's of greeting going on!  Halle was especially interested in this puppy, probably because she's a puppy too.

And more greeting!

When we were fixin' to leave, we had to retrieve Halle from this group, every Rottweiler at the park was there...and a Doberman.  Interesting to me, how like breeds do associate with each other at the dog park.
Last but not least, Halle w/ two of her new masters, she was adopted last week.  We miss her but, they are the perfect home for her and were so excited!
And, tomorrow I get my lousy gall bladder out.  I look forward to feeling like a healthy human being again!


  1. I pray the surgery went well! Wishing you good healing and a wonderful outcome, Cindy.
    Halle is a beautiful girl; glad she went to a good home. I'm so thankful for people like you who foster rescue dogs. This weekend, I'm dog-sitting the Maltese that I'm adopting. (Her foster had to go out of town until Wednesday.) My daughter, son-in-law, two granddaughters + two dogs are with me for a couple of weeks until they move into their new place, so I can't keep her until they move; too chaotic here right now. She's a real sweetheart, very loving; obviously very well loved by a foster "mom" like you!

  2. I don't know if I could let the foster dog go to a new home!
    Hope your surgery went well!
    I hope you take some photos of the plates when you get them on your wall. I'm digging thru totes to find more plates!

  3. Beautiful animal!
    Hope you are recovering well!

  4. Oh Cindy! Been a long time. And your 'operate' is five days ago. You MUST be feeling a little better, to be commenting on Peeps' blogs--thank you for dropping in on mine. Loved to hear from you.

    Our rescue dog Lucky even now, after couple years, carries his first mouthful of food into another room, as if afraid he'll be kicked or somehow hurt if he leaves his head in the food dish. He's wonderful otherwise, and well-loved.

    I really enjoy your name for husband, St. Jim--grin! Just be grateful, like you said. And gratitude IS an action word--almost a verb! I'm sure St. Jim is helping you every which way this week...and other weeks--grin!

    Commend you for your devotion to these animals which do nothing but give love back to us Peeps.


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