Sunday, January 24, 2010

Living in the Past

Ya know, I do what I have to.  We saw the sun for a few hours this morning, even blue skies...NO clouds. After lunch, the clouds came in quickly, fog appeared and snow showers!  a.k.a. little pieces of sunshine...nah...didn't work...I'm blue!  I think in my 51 years, this has been the longest stretch of overcast/foggy/snowy/drizzley/cloudy/sleety/grayey/gloomy/dreary days in my life.  Weeks since we've had a sunny day I tell ya!  So, going back to the Caribbean...I took loads of pictures so, I have to do this for my sanity.  Take what you like, leave the rest.

This was at St. Maarten.  We went on a Tiki Snorkel Hut tour or something.  My first time snorkeling (St. Jim's too)  We loved it and are now buying our own snorkel gear.(cruise next Oct. with 4 ports...all known for good snorkeling)  He's holding MY Rum Punch.  Any photo you see with Jim holding a's mine.  He doesn't drink but maybe one drink a day on a cruise.

Our ship, the Carnival Miracle at port in St. Maarten.  I took this from the water taxi after we left our snorkeling sight.  We didn't get to see any of St. Maarten but, am so glad to have had such a great first snorkel experience.  It's so easy, I'm so glad that I gave in to the peer pressure and did it!

This is a building with stores and such at the port in St. Maarten. There was a quicky mart in there where I bought some Bloody Mary Mix...I like that spicy stuff on deck in the morning on cruises...only then. These areas are extremely secure and fenced off.  You need your ship ID to get back in here(port area) to get on to your ship.  If an unauthorized person jumps a fence (don't see how, they're 10ft. tall or so with barbed wire on top), they'd be met with military intervention (I've heard stories on the Cruise Critic favorite source).  Many islands subsist only because of the cruise ships and or tourism dollars, so, the governments have a priority to keep us safe.

Little retail tents...selling souveniers/ clothing/hats...I bought sunglasses at one, a bracelet at another.  Rum island in price but, good!  And again, clean and safe!
See the beauty of St. Maarten behind the shops?

See the happy girl?  That's where I am mentally!  More later!  I DO have some good fun pictures.  Took SO many at St. Kitts and St. Lucia because we did excursions in vans with island guys.  Awesome! 


  1. You look like you're right where you belong.

  2. We keep cloud cover nearly all winter here in Indiana too.

    BUT - - - girl, looking at you guys in bathing suits is FREEZING me in January!


  3. I'm sea green with envy. I have never been to St. Marteen and it is on my Caribbean places to visit. I am living vicariously through these lovely postings. Sea Witch

  4. Fabulous pictures. Hubby and I went on a Royal Caribbean sober cruise in '08. We're going again October of this year. Can't wait. It was wonderful.


  5. Thanks for the dose of isn't anywhere near here yet either.


  6. Even though I love the snow and cold we're having right now, I do like snorkelling a lot as well. I wouldn't mind coming with you in October...

  7. You look amazing and yes very, very happy!


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