Thursday, January 28, 2010

St. Lucia, Lucious!

   The second island we stopped at on our cruise was St. Lucia.  We made the most memories here.  We went on a private tour with a St. Lucian named Herrod Stanislaus!  Jim and I were with a family from Indiana (who happened to have the cabin across the hall from us, what are the odds?) and a family from Maryland. I had talked to both wives  and agreed to join up with them for this tour on the boards of Cruise Critic.
As we were riding around the mountainous roads in our tour van we caught site of our ship.  This is a beautiful island, a lot of rainforest.
We stopped at a banana farm.  These are all exported to England.  They were smaller than what we get around here.  He said in the U.S., our bananas are imported from South America. 
Meg from Maryland was a doll!   Only 16 but, seemed to be my sister from another mother!  We had the greatest time.  The bananas were sweet, seemed to taste like the bananas that I remember from childhood if that makes any sense.
St. Lucia has ONE beer, yep.  I don't know the details of how commerce is there but, just the one.

And the beer is named after the 2 mountains/peaks that St. Lucia is fameous for...the Pitons.

The Real Piton's on St. Lucia

Cindy and Rick (Meg from Maryland's Dad) drinking Piton Beer!  Oh yeah, I can always hang with  the men and am not ashamed of it!

Herrod told us that the island has many snakes.  This fellow wanted money for the picture...gave him a dollar.  There is also 40% unemployment in St. Lucia, no welfare and families take care of families.

Meg's response the the fellow with the snake!  One difference between us, I'm not afraid of snakes!
We went to Herrod's private home for a cajun meal made by his mother.  It was incredible!
Mrs. Stanislaus, our chef!  It was the best meal we had on our 8 day cruise.  That is really saying something if you've heard about how good cruise ship food can be.
Some of the men teasing me, telling me how to pose.
And last (for now) is the Hotel at Marigot Bay.  Marigot Bay is where the original Dr. Doolittle movie was made.  The restaurant there is called Doolittles. 


  1. I'm hungry for a banana now....

    Great Pics...:-)

  2. wow. we went on a cuise a few years back. looks like yours was a lot of fun! nice pics!

  3. Beaches, bananas, and beer--doesn't SOUND like much of a combination, but it sure LOOKS like a grand time! And Mrs. Stanislaus's cajun buffet is terrific. You really lucked out with that particular tour.

  4. The snake man looks like Fabio ("I can't believe it's not butter").

    Now I want to sing the banana song!! Hey-oh!!

  5. Oh my goodness..........what a fabulous trip! It's soooo beautiful and I can't help but notice.........SUNSHINE!!!!!!!!!!! :-)

    Warm hugs,

  6. I so want to go now!!! Thanks for sharing. And thanks for visiting my blog & leaving me a comment.

  7. Thank you for stopping by...Your photos are amazing...

  8. I vacationed in St. Lucia with husband #1 when I was in my 20s. It was a mystical, magical trip. I will never forget the mountains, the lush island, and the beauty of the water. Thank you for the pictures and the memories.


  9. You look so happy. I love the palm trees against the mountains. Just beautiful. A little paradise.

  10. What a lovely spot to vacation in. Did I ever ask you if you are near Seward ... my Mother's family came from there.

    Please check your settings to follow me on new blog,

    Have a wonderful week.
    TTFN ~ Marydon

  11. Those bananas are probably the child-variety they sell in the UK. Because they look tiny!

    When I lived in England I lived in a village where the original Dr Dolittle was also filmed (the one with Rex Harrison). Isn't it a small world...

  12. Oh my! I can smell the ocean and taste the wonderful cruise ship food! I envy you! We have been on a cruise the past 3 years. 1st two in the Caribbean and 3rd in Alaska. Staying home this year with my daughter and two babies. We do love spending our time with the grandbabies though! Thanks for sharing your wonderfully warm trip!

  13. Looks like heaven and makes me really hungry!

  14. What a lovely tour you've given me on a foggy California Tuesday morning! Thanks for visiting me and bringing me to your blog, Nebraska!

  15. Oh how fun! I would LOVE some fun in the sun and island cruising! Cruise ship food not so much (and I'm not a picky eater). That guy with the snake would have been an awesome close up photo to paint! I'm always looking for fab poses! Too bad Meg was unimpressed by the snake! I'm sure the guy was trying to impress her...cutie Meg I mean. Thanks for stopping by and for sharing your trip! Luanne

  16. Love Love Love the photo of you in the water under the waterfall. I bet the men "helped" you in your posing, you look terrific. I love a "broad" who is proud of who she is. Really enjoyed this post. Sea Witch

  17. thank you for taking the time to comment.x.

  18. What lovely pics of your trip ... must be a different type of banana than what we are used to, looks dee-lish, tho. No snakes for me! Is Meg's Mom a blogger ... I live in MD. & would love to connect, if so.

  19. Thanks for visiting my post. This post of yours looks quite inviting. Since we are both smothered in snow, we just have to click our ruby slippers and say, "there is no place like vaca.... there is no place like vaca...!

  20. beautiful photos - it looks like a wonderful adventure!!!


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