Sunday, January 10, 2010

Wistful Thoughts of our Cruise

We went on a Cruise Thanksgiving Week 2009.  So many fond memories.  Once I get out of denial regarding our current situation (12 foot snow walls), I'll post more. 


  1. When it's a really hot summer, cold sounds like a nice concept. But, this is ridiculous.

  2. I think we all feel the same way...even my family in Florida are feeling the deep freeze.


  3. Seeing your picture on the deck of the ship made me want to put on my shorts and flip flops to escape all this snow and ice. When I was young, I didn't mind slinging a backpack over my shoulder and hitching a ride on a boxcar to see the world (well, maybe that never happened). But now in my later years, nothing beats the luxury of sailing from place to place on a cruise ship! Unpack once and see the world!

  4. A cruise sounds wonderful, but I must admit to being quite happy with this first winter in 20 years (snow-wise) we're having! I love it and even built a snowman yesterday...

  5. we went on a cruise a few years back. loved it. cant wait to go back.

    but would settle for a day in the 50s at this point. maybe even 40s.


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