Friday, May 15, 2009

Friday night.

Hello all! I keep hitting speed bumps in this journey I call life. Ok, I know it's called "My Good Life in Nebraska". But, lately...things aren't so charmed, let alone good. It's ok, one day at a time, right? So while I sit on my deck and meditate on serenity...I'm going to post some random photos that happen to be in this laptop.
Ahhhhh! Our cruise from a year and a half ago. My stepson Greg. and my son Zach. I love this picture. Greg REALLY didn't like me when I married his Dad. We had a big blowup the first few hours on this cruise. The next morning, I called him to our cabin, humbled myself and apologized. He was profusely sorry, we hugged and have been adoring each other ever since. My son Zach is to my left there. He broke his arm right before the cruise. He says this was still the best vacation of his life. Zach is someone I'm so proud of for his work on his character.
This is my ridiculous husband Jim. He is so funny! He's a MENSA member, for those of you who don't know, that's the really smart people's club. His sense of humor may seem slapstick...but it's really genius. This was 2 months ago when we were in Florida at this brother's home. We were fixin to leave for Ormand Beach for the day. He walked around the corner and told me he was "ready"...I had to take his picture.
Our dog Zoe is in the foreground with the burgundy collar. My parents now own Zoe's mother Brie. Brie is the one with the green collar. But, my folks, in their 70's...are never home so we have Brie a lot. Imagine that!
Here we are in Ocala, Fl...on that Florida trip. It was our Sister and Brother-in-law's 25th wedding Anniv. (2nd marriage) and we gathering to take a group picture. I took one of us quick. I guess I like this because Jim is super a mouse. But, he is smiling so big here and being a bit silly. I love seeing the little things in him.
We were in the airport on the way home from Florida and Jim snapped this picture then did silly graphics. I like it too as he a man of so few words but, always manages to display his feelings.


  1. These were great pics! Thanks for sharing. I used to live just a little north of Ocala in Gainesville, FL. In fact that is where I was born and where I grew up. I love that area. Horse Country is what we always call it. It's about as country as you can get in Florida.

  2. Thanks for coming to visit. You got haze clear in Nebraska? I knew the haze traveled a long way, but I had no idea it went that far. I have a horrible memory....and it was a long time ago, but I do remember it messed up life here for quite a long time, and many people were hurt and lost their homes.


    I loved the picture of your husband in is tourist attire.....and your cute pup/pups.


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