Monday, May 4, 2009

Springtime in Omaha

These dark pink blossoms belong to the Prairie Flame Crab tree in the front yard.

The first things we can put out here is the pansy...which is really a "tuffy".

I have tulips everywhere. I find if I take pictures of the tulips this time of year, I can determine which colors to add to the beds in the fall when I plant bulbs. My other challenge is to stagger the blooming time. In this one bed, I have fuschia and cream colors early in the spring. By the time the purple and dark purple came out, the lighter colors were spent. This fall, I'll search for late blooming lighter colors.

Several years ago I planted the Prairie Flame Ornamental Crab....Love it's dark pink blossoms.

Help me out here, is this a Verbena shrub? It's THE most aromatic spicy smell in our yard.


  1. Hi, Cindy! Nice to see you, and thanks for the visit.
    Love your pics! Your tulips are amazing colors; so rich and deeply hued. Spring is blooming in Nebraska!
    I think your comment about weeding is so appropriate. To use yoga terms, gardening is an asana, a spiritual practice that requires concentration and focus. It helps us calm our "monkey minds" that tend to jump from thought to thought crazily. Your gardening efforts create such beauty!

  2. Hi Cindy, I wanted to thank you for dropping by my blog since it gave me the opportunity to come by yours! Enjoyed my visit and you come back anytime!

    Happy outdoor living!

  3. You have more blooming at your place than we do in NW Iowa. Tulips are all I have in bloom at the moment.
    Lovely photos!

  4. Love the tree with pink blossoms. I need to plant some in my yard...we have a real shortage on trees around.



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