Thursday, April 30, 2009

chairs that I changed

Someone gave me a dining set with a hutch. I went hog wild with the chairs. The captains chairs, I left the backrest the original color. The chairs were all black. Lots of compliments in person...But, not sure about the cushions.

I've painted a lot of vintage folding chairs but, decided that I really like the black most of all.

The next 2 chairs are a walnut colored sort of chair with a straw sort of seat. I sanded them down outdoors. I like doing most of my refinishing in the spring or fall as conditons are best then here in Nebraska. I spray painted them white and took a sander to the edges as I liked them way better roughed up. Hey, here at our house, they'll end up that way anyhow.


  1. I like the chairs after they were painted black--what a difference!


  2. Amazing how easy it is to change things with spray paint.

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