Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Walking with my Scot friend Helen

This was a beautiful day in Nebraska. It was 63 degrees! And sunny! My walking pal Helen and I walked 6 miles...and talked the whole way! What good medicine! She's from Scotland and we have the most marvelous time chatting and are often startled at the similarity of our lives, pasts, and presents! I thank God for this friend and her devotion to walk. It may be what lifts me from this depression once and for all. The other issue being my stress eating. It's one part of my reformation that I still don't have a design for. It will come.


  1. Thanks for your visit, Cindy! And thanks, too, for the recommendation of Asics shoes. I need a good pair of walking shoes. :-D

    Glad you had great weather for your walk, and Helen sounds delightful! I only do just over a mile each day (bad back/hip), but maybe the walking will help with that and one day I might do 6 miles, too. You're inspiring!

  2. If not for this walking, might be insane, or more insane!!!
    Although I have a painful hip of late. Please Lord, let this be not from walking.


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