Wednesday, April 22, 2009

found things, repurposed for my pleasure

I found this old wash stand at an antique store in Mankato, MN when I was just getting to know my husband. It was $40 I think. That was around the 1999. He owned an old Victorian home there and the main bath had no counter, so we put it in there for his teenage daughter to use. It had been painted a light yellow and was fine for it's purpose. Jim and I married and we're now on our third home. I painted this to match our kitchen now.
It holds my collection of restaurant ware and anything else I feel like putting in or on it. The drawer has all our cork screws and wine serving things so, when we entertain, that's where the wine bottles sit. The old brass lamp is something my grandparents always had, nothing special but, I like it. The cook book was purchased at the Nebraska Junk Jaunt last fall for $1. I actually liked the colors of the cover. The green lemon jar was from a tag sale in Omaha, again, $1. The BIG jar I got at an estate sale for $20 and the lemons inside: Pier One. I bought the reproduction glass drawer pulls at a Target too. So, that's one of my favorite "found" and repurposed things!


  1. Nice. It's fun to look for finds in antique stores. I like primitive furniture and have a number of pie safes in the kitchen.

  2. Oh! I've always wanted a pie safe but, haven't seen one that I like in a long time. More than that, I really want one of those old bakers racks. The all wood rare to see one of those now a days too. I used to see them all of the time 10 or so yrs. ago but, was a poor single mother then. Well, that's part of the hunt! Right?


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