Sunday, April 19, 2009

A confusing landscape problem for me.

In the back of our home is this one hill/wall. It is a hill that turns in to a wall by the patio. But, it's such a weird corner and it's too high by the patio. So, today we started diggin...well, mostly, my 21 yr. old son was digging. We did some sculpting but, the I told him to leave it as I need more input regarding this.
The little tower of stones is what Nathan did when I suggested we "clean up" and leave it for a while.

So, just wondering, any thoughts?

Looking down at this area from our covered deck.


  1. Are you thinking about maybe doing a planter? I can envision two planters, actually, on two levels, edged in stone blocks. The 1st would be against the foundation, then dig out the 2nd a little lower. It'll be interesting to see what you come up with!

  2. Rose! That is a good idea! It crossed my mind on a small scale but,!!!!might be an important aspect to the solution! Thank you!

  3. It would make a great waterfall area with a pool at the bottom. Water gardens are really neat. Something to think about also. Or you could terrace it with different plantings.

  4. Thanks Syd, believe it or not, there was a waterfall/pond on the otherside of the patio when we bought the house so, very realistic. I like both of your ideas about the terrace/planter arrangemen of it and am leaning toward that.


I'm happy to hear anything that you think! Thank you!