Thursday, April 2, 2009

I want to be able to go here mentally when life gets hairy.


  1. Lovely photo! I'm one city block from the beach and used to love to take my daughter there to play and watch the sunsets.

  2. Audrey is our grandniece. This was last month at Ormond Beach in Florieda. Her grandparents are our cruise buddies! My heart has a special place for Audrey. Her Momma is special, slow, learning delayed? And the father is a cocaine addict. I should have a copy of this photo framed and put near my bed. I can pray for Miss Audrey each time I see this. That day the other 3 adults stayed by the picnic things on the beach and she and I battled the waves over and over! I'll never forget that day. She was fearless!


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